Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Many Choices

Are you like me when it comes to having too many choices?  I just get more confused when there are too many options.  And when I am on the internet it is so hard for me to remember where I found this and where I saw that.  I could bookmark everything (and I think I have)... but then I have to scroll through the whole list a dozen times just to even remember what the site was called.
I have been trying to join different stamping groups and so far I just can't keep up with all the blogs and groups and blog hops.  There are so many wonderful artists and designers.  I want so badly to become a part of what is going on.  But it is just so overwhelming.  I find one place to become a part of the community but I just can't seem to keep up with the pace of what is happening, the blog hops, the challenges, the galleries.
I have no idea if any of my digital stamps will sell or not.  All I can do is stick them on the internet and hope the word gets out. 
But I have to say... Having the cards in pdf files ready to print and embellish has helped me to send out more cards myself.  I don't  usually go the easy way... but having them already colored (I know.. I colored them myself) and all I have to do is print and add a few things.... makes it so easy.
Today I thought about making some ready to print cards for people who can't print on card stock and want the ones that print on paper and then fold into 1/4 cards.   Someone sent me one they had made and it was pretty stable and I liked the way it looked.  So I might have to change my template around so that it can be printed onto card stock and the cut out or onto paper and then folded.
Oh... I have my website up and running with items ready to purchase.   Check it out.

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