Sunday, February 13, 2011

First Challenge

This is my first challenge card.  I am doing this for a challenge with Splitcoast Stampers "A Peachy and Delightful Parade of Colors".    I wasn't sure if the colors they listed were the only colors I could use.  But I think as long as they are the main colors then it is ok.  The colors listed are peach parfait, poppy parade, daffodil delight & white.
I used my "Angel Quilted Cutie" and colored her in Photoshop.  I used a brush I had made which is also used in the Quilted Cutie images.   I cut out a second angel and folded the wings and hand crimped the dress so that they would stick out.  I embelished the sentiment with little gold studs and I added a red thread rose.
Now to figure out how to link the card image to the challenge site.
It is hard to see the gold in the studs and the little stars in the angel's hair.  Looks cute don't you think?

Have you tried it yet?

I was testing out my card templates.  It was fun by the way.  I like being able to do a little and get a lot of results.
I printed out the heart card and then printed it again.  (If you purchase the card on the website you get the extra heart as well.)  You can print it a second time and cut out the second heart to use as an embelishment like I did here.
I'm not sure if you can tell.  But I put some 'poof' under the heart and glued it all around the edges and then down over the heart on the card.  So it give it a puffed up, "pillow" look.  I added a bow and then layered the sentiment which is raised.   I also printed out and made the envelope that matches.  That is when I realized that the little 'window' on the front of the card are upside down.  At least, the return address area is at the bottom instead of the top of the envelope, according to the way the flap in the back closes.  So, I am going right away to fix it.   But I though you might like the preview of the card example I made.
And here is an example of a card that you can purchase on the website.

This card has the extra side legs and tail to cut out and layer on the pony.  I did this and then I pushed down the sides of the legs to make them look more pillowy.  I added a bow and the sentiment.
TIP:   You know how we all like to use those little thick dots with the glue on both sides to raise our layers?  My dots have a tendency to only be sticky on one side and then I have to glue the other.  Or... they are mostly too thick and so I have to cut them in half.  What I use more than the purchased dots are clippings of styrofoam meat/veggie trays.  You know, the trays that come under the meat or cut veggies that you buy in the store?  I just cut them into little rectangles and glue them under the embelishments. Works perfectly and I can make them as long or short as I want them.  And they are FREE.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Too Many Choices

Are you like me when it comes to having too many choices?  I just get more confused when there are too many options.  And when I am on the internet it is so hard for me to remember where I found this and where I saw that.  I could bookmark everything (and I think I have)... but then I have to scroll through the whole list a dozen times just to even remember what the site was called.
I have been trying to join different stamping groups and so far I just can't keep up with all the blogs and groups and blog hops.  There are so many wonderful artists and designers.  I want so badly to become a part of what is going on.  But it is just so overwhelming.  I find one place to become a part of the community but I just can't seem to keep up with the pace of what is happening, the blog hops, the challenges, the galleries.
I have no idea if any of my digital stamps will sell or not.  All I can do is stick them on the internet and hope the word gets out. 
But I have to say... Having the cards in pdf files ready to print and embellish has helped me to send out more cards myself.  I don't  usually go the easy way... but having them already colored (I know.. I colored them myself) and all I have to do is print and add a few things.... makes it so easy.
Today I thought about making some ready to print cards for people who can't print on card stock and want the ones that print on paper and then fold into 1/4 cards.   Someone sent me one they had made and it was pretty stable and I liked the way it looked.  So I might have to change my template around so that it can be printed onto card stock and the cut out or onto paper and then folded.
Oh... I have my website up and running with items ready to purchase.   Check it out.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Heart Card?

Well, why not?  It is almost Valentines day.  And you can't have enough Valentines.  Am I right?
OK.. so check out this card.
Click on the card to see a larger image.
Click here to get the pdf file to print out and make into a card.
I would suggest to use the plain envelop template and print it out on colored paper to make your envelope. You could also print the card onto plain paper and cut out some of the hearts to glue to the front of your envelop or use as a seal on the back.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Finally... something to send it in.

Here is the link to print out the envelope I promised.  I have one envelop in blue with the dots to match the card.  Of course,  that will use more ink but it will look really cool.  Then there is a template that is blank.  You can save both pdf files to your computer by clicking on the little disc icon at the top left of the page.  Then you can print it out any time.  They both will fit onto an 8.5 X 11" paper.  You can print the plain template onto colored paper for a neat look too, still saving your ink to use on the cards.
 Here is the plain template..

plain envelope template

Here is the color envie to print..

color envelope

I hope that you will enjoy using the card and the envelopes.  It is always fun to create something yourself.  Just because it is my design that doesn't mean you can't add your own touches like, ribbons, buttons, stickers and stamps to make it your own creation.  I appreciate feedback from people who enjoy using the things that I post on the blog.  And try out the website to see if there is something there you might want to purchase.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More freebies

I started thinking about cards and how my first rule of thumb is "Find your envelope."   Because without the envelope you can't mail the card.  It is the pits to make a beautiful card only to find that you do not have an envelope the right size to put it in.  
So I have decided to add a matching envelop with the cards.  Most people do not want to use up so much ink on an envelop so I will just put a little matching color image on the envie.  People with photo editors can add more if they want it.   So... off I go to make the template for a standard 1/4 page card.