Sunday, February 13, 2011

Have you tried it yet?

I was testing out my card templates.  It was fun by the way.  I like being able to do a little and get a lot of results.
I printed out the heart card and then printed it again.  (If you purchase the card on the website you get the extra heart as well.)  You can print it a second time and cut out the second heart to use as an embelishment like I did here.
I'm not sure if you can tell.  But I put some 'poof' under the heart and glued it all around the edges and then down over the heart on the card.  So it give it a puffed up, "pillow" look.  I added a bow and then layered the sentiment which is raised.   I also printed out and made the envelope that matches.  That is when I realized that the little 'window' on the front of the card are upside down.  At least, the return address area is at the bottom instead of the top of the envelope, according to the way the flap in the back closes.  So, I am going right away to fix it.   But I though you might like the preview of the card example I made.
And here is an example of a card that you can purchase on the website.

This card has the extra side legs and tail to cut out and layer on the pony.  I did this and then I pushed down the sides of the legs to make them look more pillowy.  I added a bow and the sentiment.
TIP:   You know how we all like to use those little thick dots with the glue on both sides to raise our layers?  My dots have a tendency to only be sticky on one side and then I have to glue the other.  Or... they are mostly too thick and so I have to cut them in half.  What I use more than the purchased dots are clippings of styrofoam meat/veggie trays.  You know, the trays that come under the meat or cut veggies that you buy in the store?  I just cut them into little rectangles and glue them under the embelishments. Works perfectly and I can make them as long or short as I want them.  And they are FREE.

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