Wednesday, February 8, 2012

OKay....   Here is a little 'eye candy' for you people out there who love to do just a little something special for Valentine's Day.  I have two pdf files (may make a few more) ready for you to print out to cover a candy bar for someone you love.  They are free so print as many as you like.   If you have a pdf editor or a program like photoshop you can edit the front of the label to say whatever you like.  Maybe put someone's name on it.
This is what the file looks like.

You may find the files here along with instructions for making your own personalized candy bar wrapper.
I didn't have a big candy bar but I wrapped one around cardboard so that you can see what it looks like.  The pic is not so great but you get the idea.
Have fun.  And Happy Valentine's Day!

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